Vertiv VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center System

Vertiv VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center System

Easily put IT infrastructure where you need it with the Vertiv™ VRC-S. This pre-integrated, enclosed micro data center is designed to be up and running at an edge application in days. Available in eight pre-built standard options with four rack sizes and two voltages (120V or 208V) to choose from, the solution incorporates a rack power distribution unit (PDU), embedded monitoring software, and the Vertiv™ VRC self-contained cooling kit in an enclosed standard IT edge rack.

Just add the UPS of your choice and you have everything you need to rapidly deploy a comprehensive IT solution in your edge or other small appllications.  With space to support your sensitive IT equipment and up to 3.5kW of integrated IT cooling, the Vertiv VRC-S lets you quickly, easily and confidently put IT wherever you need it.

Piecing together the various components of an IT solution for your edge applications can be a major challenge for today’s busy IT managers.  From specifying the right components to waiting for a custom solution to be built to integrating the appropriate cooling, the process consumes precious time and resources.

The new Vertiv VRC-S takes the legwork and wait time out of the equation offering a pre-integrated, prefabricated data center solution tat ships in days and can be installed in hours.  You get a plug-and-play solution that reliably and efficiently satisfies your edge IT requirements and comes with the added peace of mind of a 3-year warranty covering every component.


  • A complete prefabricated micro data center in one of eight standard models  –  All components are guaranteed to work seamlessly to meet your requirements and the system is ready to ship in days
  • Durable, self-contained IT rack available in a range of sizes (600mm/800mm wide and 42U/48U tall) and power options (120V and 208V)  –  Choose the size and voltage you need to optimally support your IT equipment; enclosed system enhances security and cooling efficiency
  • Standard Vertiv CR Rack  – Standardize your deployments on a single style of rack and enjoy access to the wide range of standard Vertiv rack accessories
  • Intelligent Vertiv Geist Switched Rack PDU with sensors  –  Monitor your IT equipment’s environment via pre-integrated sensors and outlet level monitoring for improved visibility, reliability, and availability at the individual rack environment and outlet level
  • Vertiv VRC Self-Contained Rack Cooling Unit Kit  –  Up to 3.5kW of integrated, highly efficient IT cooling to protect your sensitive electronics with no need to install an outdoor condenser
  • Vertiv Intelligence Director Monitoring software Gain remote control over the entire system—includingcooling, power, sensors, and power distribution, with Web/SNMP monitoring from a single IP address for greater peace of mind
  • Backup fan system connected to intelligent sensors/preprogrammed outlets  –  Enjoy additional protection with emergency airflow provided during outages, extending your time for a graceful shutdown and further ensuring IT equipment availability
  • Plug-and-play components with installation accessories and optional on-site installation service  –  Save time and money and simplify your edge IT challenges with rapid, cost-effective deployment and easy installation with no contractor required
  • 3-Year standard warranty with optional 5-year protection for the rack and rPDU  –  Protect your entire system for complete peace of mind