Vertiv Liebert ITA2 3 Phase 208V UPS




The Liebert ITA2 UPS offers economical, efficient and reliable three-phase power for critical loads under 10kVA. Use in a rackmount or tower configuration. This intelligent UPS has scalable battery runtimes, output distribution options, a high power factor and an optional maintenance bypass cabinet. It is easy to install and operate.

The Liebert ITA2 UPS features: 8 and 10kVA three-phase (3:3) online power protection, high power factor, compact design, rackmount or tower form factor, high operating efficiency, flexible output distribution, optional maintenance bypass cabinet, intuitive control panel. Easy to install, cable and operate.

10kVA / 10kW 208V 208V 93.1% 4W+G 5.1 in 16.9 in 19.7 in 50.7 lbs
8kVA / 7.2kW 208V 208V 93.2% 4W+G 5.1 in 16.9 in 19.7 in 50.7 lbs