SL-1000X Super Duty ServerLIFT


SL-1000X Super Duty ServerLIFT

Introducing the best-in-class solution for managing the heaviest enterprise server equipment for any large project or data center migration.   The only compact lift  rated for 1000 lbs and built specifically for the data center, the SL-1000X ServerLIFT is perfect for large scale moves and lifting heavy equipment through narrow data center aisles.

Handle Enterprise Servers Safely and Easily

With the risks of serious employee injury and equipment damage, leading data centers rely on ServerLIFT’s advanced lifting solutions.  During any data center migration or relocation, employees are tasked with the unsafe and critical task of migrating heavy enterprise servers.  Historically, this task was done without the proper tools, delaying the process.  The SL-1000X Powered Server LIFT is purpose built for today’s advanced data centers, enabling them to easily lift servers and handle any relocation project with confidence. 

Features and Benefits:

Heavy Duty Platform


  • Platform maintains stability, even with a 1000 lb.
  • Precise alignment for easier installs
  • Includes strap kit for added safety and security during equipment  moves

Fully Powered Lifting


  • Battery powered lifting with the touch of a button
  • Precise height adjustment with proprietary micro-processor controlled lifting system
  • Dual side controls allow a single operator to align equipment while facing the rack

TouchSTOP Sensor


  • Exclusive sensing technology stops on contact with ceiling and other overhead obstructions
  • Prevents structural, and equipment damage
  • Enables safe use in contained and open environments without adjustment

Built-in Easy Glide Shelf


  • Adds 6″ lateral movement to the left and right
  • Fits into standard 19″ racks
  • Seamless install from platform into rails