SL-500FX Front Loading Powered ServerLIFT


SL-500FX Front Loading Powered ServerLIFT

The SL-500FX Front Loading Powered ServerLIFT is the only data center certified lift capable of supporting equipment up to 20″ into any rack .  Combined with all of the features of the SL-500X Powered ServerLIFT, the unit is designed with a different platform configuration to rack servers deeper for easy installation.    The SL-500FX ServerLIFT features a durable built-in gliding shelf that moves forward into the rack, to help pre-populating or pre-configuring racks on pallets.  This design is also ideal for data centers with wide aisles and unconventional floor plans.

Features and Benefits


Built-in Easy Glide Shelf

  • Adds 11.5″ of forward movement into racks (20″ with included extension)
  • Fits into standard 19″ racks
  • Seamless install from platform into rails

Full Powered Lifting


  • Battery powered lifting with the touch of a button
  • Precise height adjustment with proprietary micro-processor controlled lifting system
  • Dual side controls allow a single operator to align equipment while facing the rack

QuickTILT Leveling System


  • Compensates for un-even racks and flooring
  • Platform adjusts 5 degrees
  • Easy leveling with included tools

TouchSTOP Sensor


  • Exclusive sensing technology stops on contact with ceiling and other overhead obstructions
  • Prevents structural, and equipment damage
  • Enables safe use in contained and open environments without adjustment