Server Technology PDUs



Switched POPS PDU

These Switched Per Outlet Power Sensing Rack PDU(s) feature highly accurate, outlet-level power monitoring for your data center power needs. Switched POPS Rack PDU(s) are expandable and offer optional temperature and humidity probes. They also feature rack level power management, input power monitoring, environmental (temperature and humidity) monitoring, outlet groups and alarms.

With Per Outlet Power Sensing, you can see measurements for load (in amps), voltage, active power, apparent power, crest factor, power factor and power consumption (measured in W-hrs). Certain models also feature retractable fuse or breaker branch circuit protection. With POPS technology, outlets may be linked to one or multiple groups without loss of control of that individual outlet. SNMP trap email alerts give you automated warnings for power and environmental conditions. POPS units are also expandable, with the ability to add additional outlets through the link unit without additional IP address. The optional humidity and temperature probes are attached to 10-foot cords that allow for measurements in various locations within the cabinet. You can then view the values from the rack PDU interface or send out trap email alerts to warn when certain thresholds have been met or exceeded.

Switched PDU

With the ability to turn on, off or reboot outlets individually or as a group, Switched PDUs from Server Technology also feature outlet lock-out, power-up sequencing to reduce power-up inrushes and optional smart load shedding.

Not only do Server Technology’s Switched PDUs feature Smart PDU abilities for network access to power and environmental information, but these rack PDUs also give outlet control for reboot of locked-up devices as well as power-up sequencing.

Switched PDUs are designed to be perfect for all environments that require power + environmental monitoring, power-up sequencing, rebooting, scheduling power loads, and interoperability with Server Technology’s award-winning Sentry Power Manager software for data centers. These Switched PDUs have been especially useful in rapidly growing environments, such as those found in colocations.


Featuring highly accurate, outlet-level power monitoring,. Email alerts provide automated updates on power and environmental conditions.

Smart POPS PDUs are also designed with expandability in mind. Expansion PDUs may be used to provide full access to all power feeds under a single IP address. SNMP trap email automated alerts provide consistent insight into your outlet’s power levels and surrounding conditions.

With Per Outlet Power Sensing, each unit provides measurements for loads (amps), voltage (V), active power (W), apparent power (VA), crest factor, power factor and energy power consumption. With Smart POPS, environmental monitoring is a snap. Smart POPS PDUs feature built-in LED current monitors, which feature an Ethernet, serial and temperature/humidity monitoring port, while optional temperature and humidity probes on 10 ft. (3 m) cords allow for measurements to be taken in different locations within the cabinet.

Smart PDU

Easy to use and access, Smart PDUs from Server Technology offer input current monitors on easy-to-view LED via network or serial connection. These PDUs feature branch circuit protection and are available in a variety of voltages, amperages. Available in single- and three-phase.

Our Smart PDUs are guaranteed secure and feature external authentication and authorization support, while SNMP traps provide automated alerts surrounding each outlet’s power and environmental conditions. Optional temperature and humidity probes, with 10 ft. cords, offer flexibility in terms of sensor placement.

Metered PDU

Auto-flip current displays help prevent overloads and simplify three-phase load balancing in high density cabinets, while an optional flexible mounting ensures allows you to mount the PDU in standard or custom brackets.

Basic PDU

These PDU’s from Server Technology meet UL, IEC data center requirements. Optional flexible mounting and color identification features are available.