SEAL Enclosures




55% of all insider attacks are focused on file servers, making them the most vulnerable assets in an organization’s IT infrastructure.  -Source: Insider Threat Spotlight Report

Equipment theft effecting 679,800 individuals of a KY healthcare provider caused a $265,164,000 loss. Average healthcare breaches cost $380 per individual. – Source: U.S. Department of Health & Ponemom Report

Employee negligence at a London data center caused a power surge resulting in the cancellation of 400 flights, which cost the airline an estimated $112,000,000. -Source: NetworkWorld


SEAL Enclosures:

SEAL® server enclosures provide next-generation physical data protection. Built upon Great Lakes’ thirty-year history of expert engineering and craftsmanship, SEAL provides the superior security required by agencies and organizations that store critically sensitive data.
SEAL by Great Lakes Case & Cabinet represents the first complete solution for eliminating the physical threat to data. Methodically engineered enclosures complete with identification and tracking technologies address security concerns while offering visibility into activity surrounding the enclosures. The growing insider threat organizations face calls for more robust and sophisticated protection. With SEAL, technology on the exterior helps safeguard technology on the interior.







Intelligent Access

SEAL’s intelligence manages who can gain access and the method of entry, providing a single access point to multiple enclosures and the monitoring of all activity with audit trail reports.

  •  Multi Factor Authentication Options include RFID, Biometric and Pin Pad
  •  Access Controls include
    • Stand-Alone or
    • Integration into Building Access Control
  • Centralized Software Platform
    • Real-time Monitoring
    • Report Generation
    • User & Equipment Logs
  • Mobile Authentication – Access can be granted via tablet or mobile phone








Secure Channels

SEAL’s secure channels protect cables running from the intelligent handle to the controller inside of the enclosure.  Seamless integration…

  • Conceals cables
  • Eliminates unauthorized access
  • Prevents tampering or accidental disconnect







Multi-Point Latch

SEAL’s engineering and construction prevents forced entry through the cabinet door, strengthening the enclosure’s most accessible point of entry by reinforcing the top, bottom, and handle-side.

  • Secure Contour Door
    • Maintain Airflow with Mesh Door
    • Provide a Secure, Covered Pathway for Handle Cables
  • 3-point Latch
    • All Controlled by Handle
    • Top, Bottom and Handle Side
    • Prevents Forced Entry Through Door








Secured Hinges

SEAL’s design reduces visibility and access to the enclosure’s hinge hardware, relocating what is typically the most exposed physical vulnerability so that it cannot be accessed when the door is closed.  Invisible hardware…

  • Internally Mounted
  • Accessible Only From the Inside of the Cabinet







Tamper Resistant Panels

SEAL’s tamper resistant panels are internally secured and are recessed to prevent unauthorized devices from entering the enclosure.

  • Single Full-Height Panel Limits the Possible Points of Entry Into the Enclosure








Security Covers

SEAL’s design omits unneeded cable pass-throughs, limiting them only to required openings while maintaining the flexibility and security of etched openings that are not exposed prior to installation.  Seal plates…

  • Option to Reseal Unwanted Openings
  • Secures Top Panel Opening
  • Mounting Hardware on Interior


Entirely Customizable

SEAL® cabinets are engineered and manufactured in the United States using a single-source build process that guarantees quality and consistency. This provides Great Lakes the speed and flexibility to deliver built-to-order enclosures that meet your specific and diverse security and environmental requirements. Our process also assures that a multitude of upgrade options are available, including custom color door or placard options to quickly identify the level of security and tamper resistant top and bottom panels to provide total protection of your hardware.