NEMA 12K 5G Cabinet:

Configured to Serve as a Micro Data Center for 5G and Other Wireless, Telecom and Other Broadband Applications

  • 39 RMU, 75″H x 32″W x 32″D, NEMA 3 Cabinet
  • Welded body with front door and rear panel
  • Front door with locking ¼ turn handle with hex key and hasp for optional padlock
  • Hinged front door with 90° opening and wind stop
  • Removable back panel with hex key quarter-turn locks
  • Configure front door with 6k BTU AC unit or heat exchanger
  • Two pair of 39 RMU, #12-24 tapped mounting rails, fixed placement; galvanized, uncoated material
  • Includes 23 to 19″ reducer brackets (various sizes, see ‘Included’ tab below for description and quantity)
  • Various punch electrical knockouts on both sides for greater flexibility (see drawing download for size and placement)
  • Installed electrical components include: 16 position tin plated copper bus bar; 24 position phoenix connector with uncoated mounting plate; GFCI duplex and junction box (120V, 15A)
  • Multiple rack mount accessories included, but not installed (see ‘Included’ tab below for complete list)
  • Solid bottom with 4 anchor holes
  • Color: Beige, textured finish

NEMA 4 Edge Cabinet:

19″ EIA Rails, Airflow, Cable Management & Security – Ideal for Protecting Rack Mount Equipment in Industrial and Outdoor Telecom Applications

  • 26, RMU 48″H x 28″W x 34″D
  • Galvanized steel with textured powdercoat finish, beige
  • IP-rated access control with 3-pt latching on front and rear doors; combine with optional RFID reader to monitor and manage user access
  • Removable gland plates for optional IP-rated AC unit or fan and filter assemblies
  • Two pair of #12-24 tapped mounting rails, depth adjustable
  • Cable management features along the rail include attachment points for optional cinch straps and ¼ turn “D” rings
  • Includes pad mount plinth and cover, which serves as a solar shield
  • Open bottom of cabinet allows pass-thru from cabinet to plinth
  • Color: Beige, textured finish

NEAM 3R Utility Box:

Flexibility for Installations of Wireless, Broadbank & Industrial Equipment

  • 20″H x 18″W x 9″D
  • Galvanized and stainless steel construction with textured powdercoat finish, beige
  • Hinged front door with hex key quarter-turn locks
  • Removable gland plates for optional NEMA rated, intake and exhaust fan and filter assemblies
  • Subpanel (18″ x 15″) with attachment points for optional cinch straps and #10-32 screw locations for additional mounting
  • Optional plate heater mounts to subpanel
  • 2.5″ Conduit access; conduit covers included
  • Designed to pole or wall mount
  • Color: Beige, textured finish