Liebert PSI UPS, 800-4250 VA




Liebert PSI5 UPS, 800-4250 VA

The Liebert PSI5 is a compact, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) line-interactive UPS system designed especially for IT applications such as network closets and small data centers.

The Liebert PSI5 UPS supports advanced pure sine wave output on battery to safeguard critical IT equipment and business electronics. It also provides reliable power protection for servers, critical nodes, network workstations, large network peripherals,  network routers, bridges, and other electronic equipment.

The flexible design of the Liebert® PSI™5 allows the UPS to be configured as a self-standing tower or to be rack-mounted within a 2U space. It is available in six capacities with both 120V or 208V models.  The Liebert PSI5 UPS features an innovative advanced line-interactive design incorporating buck/boost Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology.  This protects against utility voltage fluctuation by raising and lowering utility power to the level needed by the connected equipment. It also allows the UPS to prolong battery life by maximizing its time on utility power before going to battery.

Features & Benefits:

  • Up to Seven Battery-Backed Outlets – Allows the Liebert PSI5 to be more flexible in accommodating additional equipment to be connected to the UPS via the receptacles.
  • Configurable Input Voltage Window – Allows the UPS to be properly matched to the incoming utility power and adjusts its input window and transfer points to supply regulated power to connected loads within the selected range.
  • Rotatable Display Panel – LCD monitor panel rotates 90° to make the readout of the LCD display easy to see in rack or tower position.
  • Programmable Outlet Group – Power cycle connected equipment and load shed on battery to extend run time.
  • Rack or Tower Configurations – Telescoping rails and tower base included for flexible deployment solutions.
  • Advance Early Warning of UPS System Status – The Liebert PSI5 UPS offers multiple audible and visual alarms to immediately
    alert you to an input voltage fluctuation (buck/boost), output overload, low battery or replace battery condition.
  • Full Sequenced Battery Testing – The Liebert® PSI™5 UPS includes an automatic and manual self-diagnostic test feature. This provides a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the batteries within the UPS and will notify you when the internal batteries need to be replaced.
  • Surge Suppression -The transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) circuitry inside the Liebert PSI5 UPS provides protection for the connected equipment from incoming spikes, surges, and other power anomalies present on the incoming utility power source.
  • Data Line Surge Protection – Network surge protection for equipment connected to the UPS via the RJ-45.
  • Hot Swappable Batteries – Increase product life and provide prolonged UPS reliability. Batteries are conveniently located behind the front bezel of the unit.
  • 0.9 Output Power Factor – Liebert PSI5 UPS operates at a higher output power factor provides more usable power to connected equipment.
  • Wider Input Voltage Window – Prolongs battery life by allowing the UPS to maximize the use of utility power before transferring to battery when input voltage exceeds specified limits.
  • Reduced Installation Time and Costs – UPS is shipped with batteries connected and charged.
  • Warranty Protection – Standard two-year warranty ensures UPS replacement if problems occur during the warranty period. Optional one-year and three-year extensions also available.


Power Assurance Package (PAP) Provides Comprehensive On-Site Services

  • Five-year protection plan with 100% parts coverage and 7×24 emergency service
  • On-site installation and start-up to provide pain-free site rollout and free you from disposal of your existing UPS
  • On-site service support to free up time-strapped IT resources
  • Life Services to deliver remote oversight, analysis, and proactive response for assured uptime