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Our multiple lines of Great Lakes Enclosures offer tremendous flexibility to finding the right solution for any environment.

The ES Series Server Enclosure

  • Designed with integrated features to accommodate servers and the conditions associated with them: high density cable management, power options, and cooling capabilities.
  • Ideal for data centers that require cooling, power and cable management solutions
  • Data Center applications include: hot aisle/cold aisle configuration, ducted exhaust, slab floor, and containment
  • 24 RMU – 44 RMU

Great Lakes ES Series Enclosures

The E Series Enclosures

  • Designed for telecommunications and networking equipment
  • 29″ wide enclosures are ideal for networking
  • 24″ wide enclosures ideal for server applications
  • 13 RMU – 44 RMU


The EN Series Enhanced Networking Enclosure

  • Designed for high density cable management applications and side-to-side airflow equipment, including Cisco switches
  • Available in two sizes and multiple configurations, EN ships completely assembled and is capable of handling simple to complex data, switch and server requirements


2- and 4-Post Racks

  • 2-Post Racks
  • 4-Post Racks
  • 4-Post Heavy Duty Racks
  • Cable Management Racks

Wall Mount Cabinets

  • 8 Lines to accommodate a variety of applications

24WM_thumb 24WS_thumb GL36WDS_thumb NEMA_thumb

WE_thumb TPM_thumb SRD_thumb

NEMA 12K Enclosures

Cooling Solutions

  • Localized Containment including Chimneys, Air Managers, Fan Trays & Bruch Grommets
  • Closed Loop Water-Cooled Enclosures
  • Hot Aisle Containment
  • Cold Aisle Containment

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Seal Enclosures

SEAL® server enclosures provide the next-generation physical data protection and the superior security required by agencies and organizations that store critically sensitive data.  SEAL by Great Lakes Case & Cabinet represents the first complete solution for eliminating the physical threat to data.




Privacy Panel System

As part of the SEAL™ family, The Great Lakes Privacy Panel System can create a perimeter layer of security within the data center itself. The system provides an additional layer of protection in data centers that are subject to evolving PCI DSS, HIPPA, and FISMA standards, particularly co-location facilities that must meet security requirements for multiple clients.