ES Series Enclosures


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Great Lakes ES Series Enclosures

ES Server Enclosures:

The Most Configurable Cabinet for Evolving Data Center Needs

  • Future-proof platform to facilitate evolving data center needs
  • Choose popular configurations or configure a cabinet with 3,000 variations
  • Power: Dedicated space in the rear of the cabinet to install PDUs, PDUs install on standard button mount brackets (included with every ES frame); additional mounting available
  • Airflow: Versatile to support aisle containment, localized containment (exhaust chimney), containment pods, etc
  • Connectivity: Integrated and optional accessories to support low-to-high density cable applications in and out of the cabinet
  • Security: Optional cabinet components and access control creates a SEAL solution that deters and delays physical threats
  • Flexible Mounting Profile: FMP, holes along the rail for zero-U accessory mounting
  • Fully welded frame made with North American steel for superior strength
  • Mounting rails support max static weight capacity of 4000 lbs. (3300 UL rating)
  • Levelers included with every configuration; optional non-locking casters available
  • Color: Black, Winter White


  • Fully Adjustable, front to rear
  • Folded three times (creating a channel) for extra strength
  • Flexible mounting profile allow cable management and cooling accessories to be mounted without interfering with the EIA pattern
  • Lacing points


  • Knockouts on top and bottom of enclosure
  • Knockouts on the side, rear of enclosure; allows cable management from cabinet to cabinet

Cooling Solutions (Optional)

  • Exhaust Chimney
  • Adjustable Air Manager
  • Containment
  • Floor Grommets
  • Brush grommet kits (to prevent by-pass airflow)
  • Filler Panels
  • Split Fan Doors
  • Mesh Contour Doors with Fans

Cable Management Solutions (Optional)

  • External Cable Manager
  • Vertical Cable Troughs
  • Lacing Bars
  • Ladder Rack Brackets and Top Cable Trough
  • 19″ Cable Organizers