Since 1968, Revco has been providing world-class products to the data processing industry. Our goal then, as it is today, was to introduce the latest, most innovative, cost saving products to our customers. Our first product lines included inked printer ribbons and magnetic tape reels. Long before the days of laser and inkjet printers, our unique “silverized” impact printer ribbons provided extended wear and improved print quality for our ribbon customers. Before self loading tape drives, our “One Piece Tape Canisters” helped computer operators mount and store tape reels more quickly and easily. Our products also included tape racks, media cabinets and other data center furniture. As tape reels were gradually replaced with 3480 cartridges, we introduced high density cartridge racks and storage products.

In the early ‘90s when something called “servers” started to make their way onto the scene, we addressed the issue of safe and efficient storage. For those customers that wanted to fully enclose and protect their tower and tabletop devices, we introduced what, at that time, was the only cabinet on the market designed specifically for this purpose. The LAN V cabinet soon became one of the biggest selling items in our history. Alternatively, for those customers that wanted a more open architecture, we offered a line of ergonomically designed NetCom 3 workstation furniture. Customers could for the first time create a very attractive, command center environment for managing their servers. NetCom 3 became a very popular and important product line for many years.

Today, most people are familiar with the acronym “KVM”. However, back in 1996, this was a pretty new concept for most data center managers. Our first “keyboard-video-mouse” switching device, the Autoboot Commander, was fairly primitive by today’s standards. However, that device allowed us to introduce to our customers an important way to save both valuable space and money. In addition, the Autoboot Commander offered features that no other KVM switch on the market at that time could provide.

We continue to this day to offer to our customers products that are innovative in design, save money and reduce aggravation. As a Vertiv Diamond Solution Provider, we are proud to represent the industry’s best line of mission critical infrastructure technologies including our Vertiv Avocent MergePoint Unity KVM-over-IP, ACS serial console server, and the High-Performance KVM product lines including HMX, as well as DSView software.  Add in our industry leading Vertiv Liebert products including GXT5, PSI5, ITA2, EXM and APS UPS’s, Smart Row and Smart Aisle data center infrastructure solutions and the VRC-S Edge-Ready Micro Data Center System, and we can provide the perfect, total management solution for any IT environment.  And now, with the introduction of Lithium-Ion batteries, our UPS lines offer even more advantages and benefits. We round out our Vertiv products with Vertiv Geist rack PDUs including Basic, Metered, Monitored and Switched.

We also continue to focus on server and data cabinetry. As a Great Lakes Cabinet reseller, we offer an extensive selection of world-class enclosures including the ES, EN, E and Wall Mount series cabinets.  But, beyond just cabinets, innovative thermal management systems such as closed-loop water-cooled enclosures, hot/cold aisle containment and localized containment products allow us to provide you with the best solution to meet your needs.

In 2005, we formed a relationship with Evans Consoles, the premier manufacturer of command console furniture in the industry. Evans’ numerous lines of console furniture have been installed in over 11,000 locations worldwide and is without a doubt the best console furniture in the industry today.  Together, Revco and Evans Consoles have the experience and expertise to create for you the ultimate, showpiece NOC or control room console environment for your facility.

More recently, we introduced Avtech’s line of environment monitors.   This extensive, very complete line of RoomAlert products provides our customers with the tools they need to proactively monitor temperature, humidity, power, flood and a multitude of other environmental threats in their data centers and remote sites, and provide immediate alerting to troublesome conditions.

Finally, our newest line of truly ingenius devices comes from Zonit.  Our Micro ATS product group offers a unique solution for providing redundancy to single power supply devices.  The Micro ATS is the world’s smallest and most efficient Automatic Transfer Switch for data center equipment.  Packed with patented, unique technology, its zero U, self-mounting design provides an inexpensive but incredibly reliable functionality.  For complete power cord reliability, the zLock Universal Locking Power Cord locks on both ends and eliminates accidental and vibrational cord disconnects.

After reviewing our line of products, you’ll notice that we do not represent multiple manufacturers of similar products. There are plenty of companies out there that will sell, for example, three lines of KVM devices, five brands of cabinets, multiple lines of command center furniture, etc. We feel that those companies are not interested in selling what is best for the customers, but rather what is best for them. Instead, our philosophy has been to find what we feel are the best products on the market and represent them exclusively. In doing so, our customers can be assured that we believe in the products we sell and will stand behind them at all times. In addition, this also shows our manufacturers that we are loyal to them, and in turn, they respond by providing an extra level of support and service to our customers.

I look forward to working with you and earning your trust.  I am confident that our world-class products, years of experience and reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction can help you find the perfect solution to your data center needs.