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Evans Console Services

Turn Key Solutions

We understand the unique requirements of 24/7 control rooms and critical environments, focusing on the need to support people and technology.

Working with our partners, Evans designs, coordinates, installs and services spaces that efficiently, effectively and ergonomically meet our clients needs today and tomorrow. Our Control Center Solutions™ range from Project Management, Consulting, Design, Construction, Installation and Maintenance. Our Turn Key Solutions have all your Control Room needs covered.

Facility Design

When every facility is different, its important to really understand your needs when conceptualizing your control room. It’s equally as important to address future needs, and  provide the ability to adapt to changes in technology and varying requirements placed on the control center facility. Evans facilitates presenting a clear picture of your facility’s needs by offering a variety of services including:

  • Workspace Environment Studies
  • Traffic and workflow analysis
  • Technology Integration Design
  • Ergonomic Studies
    • body position
    • sightlines
    • workflow
  • Product Design
  • Lighting and Acoustics Analysis


Our award-winning Imaging Team has the capability to provide you with photo-realistic images of your console or full control center solution before manufacturing even begins!

Imagine being able to see different product choices, product angles, finish options and more to help you accurately visualize your project before a single piece is fabricated. From console studio shots, complete control room renderings, or walk-through virtual tours – we have done it all! Our 3D imaging talent is at the cutting edge and we are more than happy to put these skills to work for you.

Shipping & Installation

Having a premium engineered consoles solution means nothing if it does not reach our clients by their required date and is not properly installed on site. This is why Evans takes measures to ensure your solution looks as good in your space as it does in the renders.

To ensure we have the most qualified installers to handle your project, Evans has created our very own Certified Installer Training Course to train our new installers in the intricacies of assembling our custom solutions on site. It is very important to remember that our custom products are not standard system furniture and subsequently, should not be treated as such during installation. Having an Evans Certified Installer on site ensures you will have a great looking finished product every time.