Data Center Monitoring and Access




Real-time acquisition of data from the data center infrastructure and environment. Ability to change operating status of managed devices.

Avocent DSView™ Management Software

Avocent DSView software is the single-rack view needed for all your servers, embedded technologies, network equipment and power devices.



  • Flexibly manage operations from any location
  • Single point of data center infrastructure management
  • Activity logging for full operational accountability
  • Zone granularity access control
  • Consistent appliance firmware management
  • Flexibly restore and reimage devices from virtual media
  • Architected business continuity
  • Secured via site authentication and web certificates


  • Unified, secure “hands-on” control o remote infrastructure
  • Location independence activity:
    – Triage, diagnostics and root-cause analysis
    – Disaster recovery
    – SLA Management
    – Application usage
  • Control blade & virtual servers and service processors
  • Native host KVM web interface
  • SSH/Putty/HTML5 serial interfaces
  • Session log, report and archive
  • Data Center Zone definitions
  • Schedule and on-demand firmware management
  • Logically bridges virtual media to remote infrastructure
  • Hub-and-spoke architecture
  • Out of box authentication
  • Web secure 2048 SSL certificate
  • Two factor authentication
  • HTML5, ActiveX and Java KVM session viewers available