Wire Cable Tray


Basorfil Wire Cable Tray







Basor is the world’s largest manufacturer of cable tray products and now offers their line of products in the US.  Their unique wire cable tray product offers significant advantages over the traditional wire basket products from B-Line and Chatsworth.

Basorfil Wire Cable Tray uses a patented undulating design that significantly enhances the load strength of the basket.  This means that Basorfil can be made lighter and less costly because less steel needs to be used to provide the necessary rigidity.

In addition, Basorfil is shipped with splices already in place.  Splicing basket sections is incredibly simple, requiring only 4 seconds to connect two sections (watch the video that demonstrates the difference between Basorfil and traditional wire basket).  This means installation time can be significantly reduced resulting in lower installation costs.

Basorfil is available in Electrozinc Plated, Hot Dip Galvanized and Stainless Steel.  You can also order Basorfil in a variety of colors including yellow, red and black.  A complete line of accessories are also available to allow you to custom build a system that meets your specific needs.

Request your quote today and see how much you can save compared to the old, antiquated cable tray you are using today!