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“I have encouraged colleagues at other schools and businesses to look at products from Revco. Bob Von Stein is a pleasure to work with and he is diligent in providing the right solution. He takes time to listen to my issues and tries to provide the right fit. He then sees the project from start to finish with excellent follow-up and follow through.” – Peter Haffner, Tunxis Community College, Farmington, CT

“Bob helped us select the right product for our particular application. He really knows what he sells. This is why we always look to Revco first.” – Mike Musso, TIAA-CREF, Broomfield, CO

“Revco’s service is excellent. I would recommend Revco to anyone.”– Wojciech Lacki, Visiting Nurse & Health Services of CT, Vernon, CT

“Rest assured you are in good hands…” – Terry Jackson, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

“I know I am going to have a good sales experience and any problems will be addresses promptly.” – Roland Newmark, CAPS, Shelton, CT

Product Spotlight

Great Lakes SEAL Enclosures

SEAL by Great Lakes Case & Cabinet represents the first complete solution for eliminating the physical threat to data.

Zonit z-ATS Micro Automatic Transfer Switch

Our Z-ATS, the World’s Smallest ATS, Provides Reliable Redundant Power to Single Power Supply Devices More Easily, Efficiently and Cost Effectively Than Ever Before!

Geist Universal PDU

The Universal PDU is a versatile rack power distribution unit featuring a universal input and detachable Facility Side Cable (sold separately). The Universal PDU supports common AC power configurations ranging from 16A-60A and 120V-415V.

Vertiv SmartCloset

Vertiv™ SmartCloset™ is a complete solution to enable rapid and risk-free IT deployments at the Edge. The Vertiv SmartCloset brings together Vertiv™ VR Rack, Vertiv™ Liebert® UPS, and Vertiv™ Geist™ rPDU in one easy-to-order product.

News You Can Use

Whitepaper of the Month:

An Update on Lithium-ion Battery Use in Critical Facilities

Lithium-ion Batteries vs. Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries

Industry experts are predicting lithium-ion batteries (LIB) have the potential to revolutionize data center facility design. Still, data center professionals have legitimate questions about the operational and safety aspects of this emerging technology and how it compares to traditional valve-regulated, lead-acid (VRLA) batteries.

This month’s paper reviews the advantages and disadvantages of LIB compared to VRLA in UPS applications and presents an overview of the codes and standards related to applying LIB safely within the critical infrastructure industry.

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