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What excuse do you make for equipment failures caused by power cord disconnects?

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No exaggerated claims.  No hyped sales pitch.  No B.S.  Just the facts.

Our line of Zonit zLock locking power cords are the world’s first and only truly universal IEC locking cords and they will absolutely eliminate accidental, vibration and nuisance disconnects. But, what makes it even better is that our zLock cords do not require special mating plugs or receptacles, clips, sleeves or adapters in order to provide a secure connection. Simply plug them in to any device or brand of PDU.

Consider this:

  • The only locking power cords that lock BOTH ends
  • Plug and play replacement of your existing power cords
  • Truly universal compatibility with standard C13, C14, C15, C19 & C20 devices and PDUs
  • Available in numerous lengths, gauges and colors

Unless you’re already using the zLock cord, you’ve never seen anything like it because nothing else is designed like the zLock. Period. With a surprisingly low cost, our zLock cords are the easiest and most cost effective way to eliminate your worries about hardware being brought down because of power cord disconnects. Make your job easier and life a lot simpler. Call me today for details and a quote, then relax. zLock Hang

Revco Bob demonstrating zLock’s reliably secure locking ability by sitting under a zLock cord plugged into a C-13 outlet on a Vertiv MPX PDU and an Vertiv MPU KVM-over-IP switch with a 12lb. dumbell added on just to make if interesting.  No Photoshopping here!

Warning:  Do Not Try This With Your So-Called Locking Power Cords!!!