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How to Design a Control Room

Evans Consoles Strategy:

Evans Consoles Identity:

Dispatch III

Built for Dispatchers. Arguably the most dynamic ergonomic solution for the 24/7 emergency dispatch facility, the innovative Evans Dispatch™ III console is in a class of its own. The new Dispatch™ III showcases what is possible when design and function meet. Adjustable modular slatwall, various console configurations, and virtually endless customization options make Dispatch III the ultimate Public Safety console and the shift to better.


Strategy Visualizations

Enjoy a fun video created by the Evans Consoles Visualization Department showing Strategy and its many configurations.

Anti-Collision System

The Evans Consoles Safety Limit Switch is used in our furniture systems with a height adjustable worksurface. This Anti-Collision System incorporates a pressure sensitive plate that stops the downward motion of the worksurface once an obstruction is detected and is designed to protect the user and any equipment that might be in the way.


Evans E-Arm is designed specifically for control room applications. Single high, double high and side by side options are available for both Slatwall and Desktop Mounted Systems. The tilt swing and height adjustment allows for an infinite number of ergonomic viewing angles for the user. E-Arm provides hidden cable management to reduce clutter, and locks into slatwall for added safety. They can be custom powder coated to match or accent any control room design. The universal mounting bracket can be used on almost any monitor and will support up to 40lbs (18Kg).



PowerLinc is a patented modular power distribution system that delivers high power where it is needed. Each system can provide three 20 Amp circuits while maximizing flexibility and reducing electrical contractor costs. Whether in the console or the sub-floor, PowerLinc’s combination of extruded metal casings and armored cables provide the strength needed to withstand 24/7 critical environments.

Technology Tables

Evans’ Technology Tables have been specifically designed to integrate modern technology into a boardroom style meeting table that can be turned into a command center with the touch of a button. Reveal monitors, keyboards, projectors, phones, podia, and more with the touch of a button. Integrated data and power ports slide open from hidden pockets to interface with laptops and peripherals. Each table is a unique job tailored to your requirements.

The Technology Table features sliding or door mounted CPU shelves or can be configured to include rack mounts beneath the table surface. All electronics are properly housed and cooled by the steel frame structure. Our patented waterfall nosing, proper consideration for reach distance, knees space and many other features help keep users comfortable and healthy.