Do You Know Anyone Who Might Benefit From Revco’s World-Class, Industry-Leading Products and Professional, Dependable Services?

I often receive calls from clients who refer me to a colleague that has a need for one or more of our products.  Those are my favorite calls because it tells me that my clients think enough of my service and products to put their reputation on the line and recommend Revco to a colleague.  But, it also gives me the opportunity to meet a new client, introduce them to our world-class products and, hopefully, find a solution to their nagging problem.

Well, I want to ask you to help me, one or more of your colleagues and you, too.  Here’s the deal.  When you refer a friend or colleague who has never before done business with Revco, regardless if he/she is a co-worker in your own company/organization or someone at another organization, and that person places an order for any of our products, I will send you your choice of either a selection Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies or a $50 Visa Gift Card as my way to saying “Thank You”.  Simply complete the form below and we’ll take care of the rest.  If you prefer, you can also call me directly at 1-800-500-1346.  Either way, I’ll contact your colleague and take good care of them.

How About a Dinner for Two at Your Favorite Restaurant?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.  In fact, I’m making the deal even sweeter.  When you refer three (3) or more people anytime over a 12 month period, I will treat you and a guest to a delicious dinner-for-two at your favorite restaurant.  Enjoy a great meal with your spouse, fiancee, girlfriend/boyfriend, mother or father, brother or sister, friend from college or even Aunt Mabel.  Anyone and anywhere you want…and it is on me!  Oh, and you’ll still receive the Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies or $50 Visa Gift Card for each person you refer!

There are a few rules which I’ve outlined below, so please take a moment to read them.  But, the more people you refer, the more fun you can have.  So, simply complete the form below to get started.

Thank you for your business and the trust you place in me and Revco.

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Please Read Our Referral Rules Before Submitting

By submitting a referral you are allowing Revco to contact the referred client by phone and/or email.  To qualify for the Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies or $50 Visa Gift Card and the Dinner for Two, 1) you must provide all of the required information, 2) the referred client cannot be an existing Revco client and 3) the referred client must submit an order for any of our products.  If the referred client has already done business with Revco, you will be notified that the referral does not qualify.  Once qualified, the cookies or gift card will be mailed to you at the time the referred client places his/her order.  Revco will maintain a list of all your referrals and will notify you if and when you qualify for the Dinner for Two.  Your dinner can be at any restaurant of your choice in any town or city.  Please provide the name and contact information of your selected restaurant at least one week in advance of your dinner.  Maximum value of your Dinner for Two is $200.  You will be responsible for any restaurant charges over the $200.  Reward does not include any transportation costs to and from the restaurant.  By submitting the information about your referral, you are indicating that you agree to these terms and conditions.