Receive a HUGE Rebate Check When You Trade-in Your Old, Outdated Data Center Management Hardware

I Want to Buy Your Old KVM, Console Servers, UPSs and PDUs!

Here is a fantastic opportunity to replace your old, outdated management hardware for new, faster, better Vertiv equipment AND receive a huge rebate.  Significantly stretch your budget while at the same time invest in the newest, industry leading products with better performance and important new features to keep you running at peak efficiency.

Hey, these rebates are not some small, insignificant amounts.  Depending on the new model that you are purchasing and the hardware you are trading in, your rebate can be up to $3,000 for each appliance.  When you combine that with your already low unbeatable discount, you’ll realize that your net cost will be the lowest ever seen and probably ever seen again.  In some cases, your final cost can actually end up being less than my reseller cost!!!

I’ll even pay the freight costs to return your old clunkers to Vertiv.

Trade-in your old Vertiv or any competitors’ products for new…

  • MergePoint Unity and AutoView KVM-Over-IP Switches
  • Universal Management Gateway
  • HMX5000/6000 High Performance KVM
  • Matrix High Performance KVM
  • ACS Advanced Console Servers
  • Geist PDUs
  • Liebert GXT4 and APS UPS Systems

Come on.  Your old hardware is only getting older and isn’t going to last forever.  Why not replace it now with new, industry leading appliances at costs you’ll never see like this again!  I’ll even take those old, unused clunkers sitting on a storage shelf taking up space.  What’s more, when you consider that you will also avoid having to pay disposal costs for that old junk and thus, save even more, it’s an absolute no-brainer.  Call me today to get started!