AVTECH offers network cameras that pair extremely well with our Room Alert environment monitoring products to provide users with a real-time view within their facility when an environment or security issue is detected. Room Alert combined with network cameras provides comprehensive coverage of effective Business Continuity Planning. While Room Alert works to help prevent costly environmental damage, network cameras offer additional layers of security and visibility to further help prevent downtime and costly damage.

AVTECH recommends and sells Axis network cameras because they provide a professional level of quality and security while providing options for almost every need and budget. The Room Alert monitoring platform is fully compatible with Axis cameras. Our Room Alert users can register their Axis cameras with our online Room Alert Account services to receive snapshots from cameras when they detect motion. Room Alert Manager is fully compatible with Axis cameras and can even retrieve a snapshot from any camera on the network when Room Alert detects and environment issue and attach that snapshot to the alert notification. Axis cameras and Room Alert provide peace of mind by overseeing conditions in your facility, even when no one is on-site. With Axis cameras, you can take preventive measures to stop potential disasters in their tracks.

Supported In Room Alert Account & Room Alert Manager

Axis cameras are supported by our Room Alert Account online services and Room Alert Manager on-premises software. In Room Alert Account and Room Alert Manager, users can monitor the view of all of their network cameras, as well as enjoy several beneficial features. Room Alert Manager is the best interface for managing Axis cameras where users can:

  • Capture snapshot images on demand or in response to alert conditions to help document events
  • Send snapshot photos with customized alerts
  • View real-time images for multiple cameras simultaneously from a single IP address
  • Incorporate camera sensors for added environment monitoring capabilities
  • Detect motion and audio
  • Improve overall security
  • Automatically discover an unlimited number of Axis cameras found across the network

For example, you can configure your Axis camera to alert you via a text or email notification if motion is detected in your facility. You can also configure your Axis camera to begin taking snapshots every 10 seconds to have a video-like documentation of whatever motion is being detected. Room Alert environment monitoring complemented by Axis cameras delivers users with all-encompassing protection from unexpected catastrophes.

Various Camera Options Available

There are wired, wireless and POE Axis camera options available. You can work directly with one of our dedicated Product Specialists to ensure you’re equipping your organizations with the best solution possible.

To get started monitoring your Axis Network Cameras with Room Alert Manager, please see our dedicated FAQ page for details. A list of Axis network cameras supported by a Room Alert Account is available here.

Network cameras are simple, easy to install and effective tools for overseeing exactly what is going on in your businesses, organizations and facilities at any time. Network cameras are compact and versatile so they are ideal for monitoring any size business. They allow customers to access a real-time view of their facilities from any internet-connected device. Network cameras are trusted in thousands of data centers, warehouses, government and military facilities, manufacturing locations and other organizations.