Localized Containment

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Localized Containment

Together, the Adjustable Air Manager, the Exhaust Chimney and the Brush Grommet Kit work to contain conditioned air and remove heated exhaust from the enclosure, while virtually eliminating bypass airflow and hot air recirculation. We call this solution “Localized Containment” (eliminating the hot aisle and reducing the need for perforated tiles in the cold aisle).





    The Exhaust Chimney (GL-EC) helps to remove heated exhaust far from the enclosure or, more efficiently, to collect heated exhaust into ducting or a ceiling plenum to return it to the CRAC unit.
  • Chimneys available with an adjustable range of 18″ to 32″ or 32″ to 46″
  • 1200 CFM or 2260 CFM Fan Trays available


    The Adjustable Air Manager (AM-ES) mounts in the bottom of a Great Lakes ES enclosure (on a raised floor) to bring data center conditioned air inside the enclosure closer to the equipment to be cooled. A simple slide on the Air Manager allows you to control the flow of conditioned air coming into the bottom of the cabinet. This increases air flow, lowering temperatures in the front of the equipment while maintaining air pressure.
  • Air manager for standard airflow mounts in bottom 1 RMU of enclosure
  • 600 CFM Fan Tray for standard airflow
  • Air manager for high airflow mounts in bottom 2 RMU of enclosure
  • 940 CFM Fan Tray for high airflow


    The Brush Grommet Kit (BGRK) installs between the rail and the side panel to allow cable passthrough while at the same time eliminating bypass air flow and hot air recirculation.
  • Kit is tool-less and mounts to ES Enclosure rails along the FMP
  • FMP (Flexible Mounting Profile) is a series of holes along each rail located outside of the EIA pattern
  • Holes are located at 1 RMU increments
  • Cable management, mounting brackets, bus bars and other accessories can also be mounted to the FMP