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Efficiency. Capacity. Availability. Control.

Conventional data center designs may require physical infrastructure that is too costly or slow to implement for the needs of some IT and data center managers.

Adding new capacity often means major upgrades to infrastructure – new power and cooling systems, raised floors and fire suppression. For new IT spaces, remote locations and backup sites, both high cost and slow deployment can hinder projects. Even the smallest data centers may be prohibitively expensive and take many months to deploy.

Faced with these challenges, IT and data center managers are seeking infrastructure solutions for smaller spaces that provide:

  • Fully integrated, standalone systems that don’t require expensive room
  • upgrades
  • Simplicity in design and deployment so systems can be up and running
  • quickly and easily expanded as needed
  • Higher operational, space and energy efficiencies
  • Optimal systems availability to ensure continuity of new and future IT
  • equipment
  • Flexibility and a clear growth path for capacity growth

Introducing The SmartRow™ Solution

The SmartRow solution is an intelligent integrated infrastructure that can be implemented in just weeks. It allows you to easily deploy and effectively manage an integrated IT infrastructure without being limited by building systems, such as fire suppression and cooling.

It is available in three- to six-rack configurations for up to 20kW of total capacity, allowing you the flexibility to start small and expand over time.  This space-saving and cost-effective solution combines the industry’s finest power, precision cooling and infrastructure management technologies in a sealed environment – meaning you can place it in virtually any conditioned space.

Each SmartRow offering integrates industry best practices in data center design and operations including:

  • Hot air and cold air separation
  • Cold air containment
  • High-efficiency dedicated cooling
  • Space-savings, small-footprint
  • Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion
  • Integrated monitoring and control to optimize
  • efficiency in planning and management
  • Unique local service for design audits, configuration
  • support, installation support, maintenance and repair
  • High availability and high efficiency UPS
  • Integrated fire suppression

A simple solution designed to expand IT capacity when you don’t have the luxury of more data center space.

The SmartRow solution is ideally suited for environments where dedicated IT room improvements are not practical or cost effective. It is the perfect solution for spaces not designed to be IT environments.  And it can be placed unobtrusively into work spaces.

No fire suppression system upgrades to the room are needed since fire suppression is integrated into the solution. No dedicated room cooling is necessary, and it can work in a non-raised floor environment.

This space-saving solution integrates the industry’s finest and most efficient infrastructure technologies all within a single row. It is well suited to serve as a primary data center or a separate disaster recovery solution.