Vertiv SmartAisle





Vertiv Smart Aisle

Efficiency. Capacity. Availability. Control.

The SmartAisle offering optimizes infrastructure deployment and management with an intelligent row-based system that integrates data center racks, power, row cooling, aisle containment, monitoring and control technologies for spaces with up to 40 racks.

With this solution, Emerson Network Power has demonstrated CAPEX savings of 10 percent AND OPEX savings of 27%, as well as:

  • Simplified, rapid deployment that means that installation doesn’t hinder productivity or break budgets
  • Enhanced cooling efficiency with the Liebert ® CRV™ rowbased precision cooling system, Liebert iCOM ® Controls and cold aisle containment – combining to deliver PUEs 15-25% lower on average than that of a conventionally designed data center with the same capacity
  • Industry’s highest efficiency UPS and power management systems with modular designs for easier scalability
  • Comprehensive visibility, insight and control via data center infrastructure management technologies ensure availability and efficiency when you need them most

No Other Solution Offers the Industry’s Leading Infrastructure Systems for Such a Wide Array of Applications and Environments

SmartAisle configurations can be scaled to fit any size IT environment from a row of racks to large enterprise data centers. The SmartAisle offering brings together the widest range of innovative infrastructure technologies such as modular row based UPS, configurable PDUs, modular busway, data center infrastructure management software and the industry’s leading precision cooling technologies.

The SmartAisle approach can be used as a standalone solution to scale from just a few racks up to an entire data center (most cost effective up to 400kW total load), with integrated row-based power, precision cooling and infrastructure management. Or within a larger data center, it can be applied to meet capacity growth objectives, providing the infrastructure support needed to increase density without increasing footprint.

This highly efficient, flexible and easily implemented solution can be deployed in either raised floor or nonraised floor environments.

High-efficiency precision cooling technologies and environmental controls:

  • Vertiv CRV precision cooling system with Vertiv iCOM controls matches cooling to rack load, and reduces cooling system energy consumption through:
  • Digital scroll compressor
  • EC plug fans
  • Teamwork control modes

Modular, scalable high-efficiency power:

  • Virtiv APM UPS provides reliable, transformer-free, on-line, uninterrupted power, and KIRK key interlock system for safety.

Flexible power distribution:

  • MB Modular Busway is a flexible and more economical way to deliver power to the rack without the cost and hassle of power cable whips.It connects directly to the rack PDUs.

Cold Aisle Containment:

  • Inexpensively supports capacity increases by separating hot and cold air for increased effeciency.

Flexible platform for easy configuration:

  • Full-depth DCF rack maximize space utilization and allows you to add any type of IT or networking equipment and simplify cable management with tool-less accessories.

Flexible rack PDUs:

  • Vertiv MPX adaptive rack PDU or Vertiv MPH2 managed rack PDU provide flexibility and power control at the receptacle level, and faster implementation of IT equipment.

Comprehensive remote data center infrastructure management:

  • Appliances and software provide comprehensive remote monitoring and control.