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Liebert MPX

Liebert MPX rack power distribution unit (PDU) provides hot-swappable output power modules and reconfigurable input power modules, allowing immediate onsite configuration of rack power to suit IT equipment needs. This PDU supports efficient data center management using remote monitoring and control to the receptacle level, as well as monitoring of environmental input options, such as rack temperature and humidity. A modular communications card allows a variety of monitoring options.

Liebert MPX rack PDU offers a variety of AC power input modules and hot-swappable output power modules, resulting in customized power distribution configurations. Liebert MPX offers 1-phase 120 or 208 VAC and 3-phase 208-240 VAC 20-60 Amp input power; 1-phase output power including mixed receptacles; and modular card-based communications. Liebert MPX is deployed in a vertical (Zero U) configuration. Up to four Liebert MPX PDUs may be interconnected as a rack PDU array, consolidating user IP connections and device monitoring.


  • Monitors at branch level
  • Controls at equipment level
  • Offers single-phase and three-phase models
  • Configures easily to match application needs



  • Allows user to add individual hot-swappable output power modules for capacity as demand grows.
  • Offers the ability to change input capacity or configuration while maintaining Rack PDU infrastructure.
  • Provides for local or remote monitoring and management of connected loads.
  • Provides a compatible monitoring platform for Liebert MPH and Liebert MPX, offering seamless common operation if deployed together.

Higher Availability

  • Controls and manages individual receptacles and/or groups of loads and devices.
  • Predicts overcurrent conditions before they become critical.
  • Allows user to shut down non-essential equipment during power outages to maximize availability and back-up power.
  • Expanded branch overload protection minimizes threat of cascading PDU overload.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Provides the most cost-effective design available — build, add on, or modify the platform design.
  • Allows redeployment of modules to suit changing needs.
  • Energy metering provides users the information to maximize data center power and cooling infrastructure.
  • Employs energy efficient receptacle control technology.