ES Series Enclosures

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Great Lakes ES Series Enclosures

ES Server Enclosures:

  • Support hot aisle/cold aisle data center configurations
  • Also ideal for ducted exhaust, slab floor, or containment designs
  • CISCO compatible; optional side air flow plenums kits and baffle kits


  • Fully Adjustable, front to rear
  • Folded three times (creating a channel) for extra strength
  • Flexible mounting profile allow cable management and cooling accessories to be mounted without interfering with the EIA pattern
  • Lacing points


  • Knockouts on top and bottom of enclosure
  • Knockouts on the side, rear of enclosure; allows cable management from cabinet to cabinet

Cooling Solutions (Optional)

  • Exhaust Chimney
  • Adjustable Air Manager
  • Containment
  • Floor Grommets
  • Brush grommet kits (to prevent by-pass airflow)
  • Filler Panels
  • Split Fan Doors
  • Mesh Contour Doors with Fans

Cable Management Solutions (Optional)

  • External Cable Manager
  • Vertical Cable Troughs
  • Lacing Bars
  • Ladder Rack Brackets and Top Cable Trough
  • 19″ Cable Organizers