Enhanced Networking Enclosures

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Enhanced Networking Enclosures

Great Lakes EN Enclosures are designed with built-in features to manage high-density cable management applications of switches and servers.

  • Knockouts and openings for top and bottom cable access
  • Repositionable finger sections along each rails
  • Open side area to accommodate large bundles within and between ganged enclosures

Optional accessories create a complete cable management and cooling solution

  • 19″ cable managers can be added
  • Zero RMU mounting brackets allow vertical mounting of patch panels and power strips to save valuable RMU space
  • Baffle kits for CISCO® switches (and other side-to-side airflow equipment) direct cool air in and exhaust out of equipment.


Baffle Kits create proper airflow for switches and side-to-side airflow equipment, as suggested by manufacturers such as Cisco. Cool air is channeled into the equipment along the right side and exhaust air is directed out along the left side of the equipment. Kits are
tool-less and easily attach to rails outside of the EIA mounting profile.

Based on your switch/equipment, choose the appropriate EN enclosure or ES enclosure. Take into consideration your cable management, cooling, and power needs; each enclosure addresses these needs in different ways. Baffle Kit part numbers are specific to EN or ES Enclosures.

The Baffle Kit Matrix below shows which kits accommodate various Cisco switches. Other brands of side-to-side airflow equipment can also be mounted. To determine the correct enclosure and baffle kit, compare physical equipment dimensions to what is listed.


Baffle Chart