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CASE STUDY: Click here to learn how one of our clients used the Avocent AMX to “smackdown” their problems with an old KVM system.



The Avocent® AMX analog High Performance Matrix KVM solution is designed for organizations that need to provide workers the ability to seamlessly access and share one or more computing resource(s) which are physically separated from their work environment. This solution provides users with an “at-the-desktop” experience from their work stations to any appliances, PCs or computing resources attached to the Avocent AMX matrix. This secure, real-time, high-quality, “at-the-desktop” user experience is perfect for demanding environments such as pre and postproduction editing (broadcast), control rooms (broadcast, industrial, manufacturing, energy/utilities, IT, telecom and emergency response) and collaborative environments (training/simulation, medical diagnosis and imaging and financial trading desks).

The Avocent AMX system is used in the command centers of major power plants; streamlines the editing of Hollywood blockbusters and is used in production environments by a vast majority of major broadcasting television and cable networks. In these and other cases, the Avocent AMX system enables organizations to improve employee productivity, reduce IT costs and, ultimately, produce better business results for their customers.

The Avocent AMX High Performance Matrix KVM is the ideal solution for these demanding environments. The Avocent AMX matrix system can be deployed in a secure, closed, matrix environment and can offer reduced IT administration costs due to its easy-to-configure architecture. The centralized Avocent AMX switches provide users the ability to build completely redundant systems with automatic failover and virtually instant switches when switching between target systems.

The Avocent AMX solution centralized management features such as LDAP-based user rights management and event logging, keeping a centralized record of user access. Its matrix nature–of existing on its own proprietary matrix system—allows for its use within high-security environments.


Features and Benefits


    • Full Bandwidth and Real-Time Access to Servers – Facilitates access to multiple servers and applications where full-bandwidth video quality is critical
    • Easy-to-Use OSCAR™ Graphical User Interface – No training required for immediate user interaction with target computers
    • Multi-Platform Support – PS/2, USB, Sun and SGI servers and VT100 serial-based devices
    • Specialized Application Support – The Avocent AMX 5010 switch is a proven choice for test labs, demo labs, design and broadcast environments; Avocent AMX switches are compatible with all major broadcast devices including Pinnacle Deko, Harris Device Manager and Raid arrays


  • Automatic Compensation for Any Video Losses Induced by Cabling – Simplifies the installation of equipment and guarantees highest-quality video for each user without any user intervention
  • Dual-Matrix Support – Connects user station to two Avocent AMX KVM switches for switch redundancy with automatic failover for mission-critical reliability


  • Out-of-Band Access to Computers – Users can access all cascaded computers without the need to access the corporate network
  • End-to-End UTP Cable, Including CAT-5 and 5e – Eliminates bulky cabling connections and delivers real-time, high bandwidth video up to 1,000 feet from the server


  • Consolidates the Local Ports of KVM over IP Products – Users have back-up access to servers independent of the IP network
  • Consolidates Access to Existing Analog KVM Switches – Users can integrate legacy KVM switches into their matrix KVM solution
  • Avocent AMWorks™ Java-Based System Administration Tool – Centralized management is easier with this versatile software
  • AMIQ Server Interface Module – Built-in memory eases configuration and installation by assigning and retaining unique server identification codes for each attached server
  • Includes SNMP Traps – Users can set up SNMP traps in the Avocent AMX switch for report alarms to an external logging destination
  • Event Logs – Avocent AMWorks software maintains a record of all user logins and switching activity
  • Scalable Architecture – Avocent AMX switches easily accommodate additional servers and users in growing network infrastructures


  • Integration with Other LDAP Services for Authentication – Users can utilize a single LDAP database for authentication, minimizing the administration overhead of their existing network authentication process.

Model Comparison

Avocent AMX 5000 8 32 32-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5010 16 64 64-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5020 4 42 42-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5030 4 16 16-server matrix switch
Avocent AMX 5111 1 2 1 user desktop station
Avocent AMX 5121 1 2 1 user desktop station with skew compensation
Avocent AMX 5130 1 2 1 user desktop station with skew compensation, audio and serial support