Aisle Containment

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Many times cooling challenges cannot be met simply by expanding infrastructure or adding additional CRAC units. The strategy behind containment is to either capture as much conditioned air as possible or to isolate and remove as much heated exhaust air as possible within the data center space.

Hot Aisle Chimney Exhaust

Ducting the exhaust with chimneys creates a simple version of hot aisle containment. The hot aisle is now contained locally in the rear of each enclosure.
  • 1200 CFM (11kW @ 30°F Δ) or 2260 CFM (21kW @ 30°F Δ) Optional fan trays available
  • Cooling capacity of chimneys without fan trays are dependent on the data center’s CRAC units

Sliding Aisle Doors

The doors create a defined space, either isolating exhaust or creating a concentrated area of conditioned air which enhances the cooling effect on the enclosures within the contained space.

  • Add doors to both ends of the aisle, either hot or cold
  • Can be used in aisle widths from 48″ to 72″
  • Doors are mounted with a trolley assembly which spans the aisle and attaches to the enclosure
  • No bottom track is needed


In addition to containment doors, there are a number of containment products, including PolarPlex, which can be deployed in a variety of strategies.

  • Vinyl containment panels can mount across the aisle
  • Vinyl containment panes can mount above enclosures
  • Thermoplastic containment curtains can be hung from the ceiling
  • PolarPlex Systems consist of structural aluminum framing and vinyl curtains or thermoplastic panels

Hot Aisle Containment

In this example, the customer chose to employ a data center solution designed to contain the hot aisle. Perforated tiles were installed in the cold aisle. The conditioned air then passed through mesh doors to cool the equipment mounted within the enclosures.
The customer chose not to use any rear doors, so heated exhaust was simply vented into the hot aisle which was contained by aisle doors. Vertical thermoplastic containment panels were attached to and installed above the enclosures to continue the containment process as the heated air naturally rose and was channeled to a drop-ceiling plenum which then directed the heated exhaust to the hot air return of the data center’s CRAC units.

Cold Aisle Containment

In this concept, the goal is to create a contained pool of conditioned air in the cold aisle. Containment doors are then designed to isolate the cold aisle in this grouping of enclosures. The goal for this strategy is to saturate the area in front of the enclosures with this contained conditioned air and to focus it where it is most needed; in front of the equipment mounted within the enclosures.
Once the conditioned air passes through the equipment, the heated exhaust is then removed from the rear of the enclosures via Exhaust Chimneys.