Videos – Insights Into Technology

December 2017

This month’s Insights Into Technology video introduces the newest thermal management solutions and information on how best to cool a data center.

November 2017

Take a look at the Vertiv SmartMod system.

October 2017

Three Tips for Simplifying IT Deployment in Edge Locations

September 2017

For those of you not familiar with our line of Avtech IT environment monitors, here’s a great introductory video that explains how you can benefit from including a well designed environment monitoring system in your facility.


August 2017

Take a look at our Great Lakes ES Series enclosures to learn why we they are considered the best in the industry.

July 2017

Ever wonder how your new Vertiv SmartRow system can be installed and operational so quickly? This month I have a brief 6 minute video that show a time lapse assembly of a SmartRow DCR. This video demonstrates just how you can have a brand new data center built out in a matter of hours.

June 2017

Take a look at the newest generation of Vertiv SmartRow technology.  This brief video introduces the new SmartRow DCX.  Take a moment to watch and then give me a call t get more information.

May 2017

What are IT, Data Center and Facilities professionals commenting about their biggest challenges and concerns when cooling network closets, server rooms, and other edge computing spaces? Watch this video to learn more about their insights.  You can also download the full report here.

April 2017

Learn the “Three Tips for Simplifying IT Deployment in Edge Locations” in this brief video.

March 2017

This video, produced by Vertiv (formerly Emerson Network Power), shows the newest thermal management solutions and provides information on how to best cool a data center.